The Chamber of Forest Engineers of Turkey (  is a professional organization founded under the “UNION OF CHAMBERS OF TURKISH ENGINEERS AND ARCHITECTS -TMMOB)”.- . TMMOB is a corporate body and a professional organization defined in the form of a public institution as stated in the Article 135 of the Constitution.


ARTICLE 135 of Turkish Constitution as follows-  “Professional organizations having the characteristics of public institutions and their higher bodies are public corporate bodies established by law, with the objectives of meeting the common needs of the members of a given profession, to facilitate  their professional activities, to ensure the development of the profession in keeping with common interests, to safeguard professional  discipline and ethics in order to ensure integrity and trust in relations among its members and with the public; their organs shall be elected by secret ballot by their members in accordance with the procedure set forth in the law, and under judicial supervision-  

TMMOB is maintaining its activities with its 24 Chambers, which the Chamber of Forest Engineers is one of them.

The Chamber  of Forest Engineers has been established by “6235 Numbered Turkish Engineer and Architect Chambers Union Law” –  Article 16 of 6235 as follows – “Forest and agriculture engineers can be included in the Union by establishing a chamber with the resolution by Board of Directors of the guilds they belong to”

In line with above mentioned information Certificate of registry of this Organization (original and translated into English)

Charter (original and translated into English): Since the Chamber of Forest Engineers was established by law, there is no separate declaration of establishment or charter. However, there is the “MAIN REGULATION OF THE CHAMBER OF FOREST ENGINEERS” which determines the working principles and procedures of the Chamber.

This regulation was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Turkey No. 26 226. July 12, 2016 .

Since the regulation is quite long, it has not been possible to include all text here. However Items of 6 /ç and 6 /f of the regulation are as follows.

  • 6 / ç) To organize technical congresses, seminars, symposiums, conferences and exhibitions related to the development and promotion of the profession, to participate in the activities of other organizations for this purpose,
  • 6/f) To disseminate innovations in the field of forestry profession, to cooperate by establishing relations with domestic and international professional organizations for this purpose and to represent its members at home and abroad,

At European Level, the Chamber of Forest Engineer Union is a member of “FEANI-European Federation of National Engineering Associations-“. FEANI is a founding member of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) and collaborates with many other organizations dealing with engineering and technology issues and engineering education. FEANI is officially recognized by the European Commission as representing the engineering profession in Europe. The federation also has consultative status with UNESCO, UNIDO and the Council of Europe.

Currently, the Chamber of Forest Engineer is the President of the Council of European Foresters and it is a member of Union of European Foresters

The Chamber of Forest Engineer is also one of the accredited NGO to UNCCD-

The management of the Chamber of Forest Engineers is determined by the votes of the members. Completely democratic and free elections are repeated every two years. The current management was elected in April 2018.The Board of Directors consists of seven members.


Updated: 14 December 2018

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