Avrupa Orman Bakanları Konferansı 1-2 Ekim 2024

9.ncu Avrupa Orman Bakanları (9th FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference 2024) 1-2 Ekim 2024 tarihlerinde Almana’nın Köln şehri yakınlarındaki Köningswinter kasabasında düzenlenecektir.

Forest Europe Web Sayfası: https://foresteurope.org/

Kasabanın linki: https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%B6nigswinter

Konferans Mahalli: Steigenberger Grand Hotel Petersberg- https://hrewards.com/de/steigenberger-icon-grandhotel-petersberg-koenigswinter

Dear FOREST EUROPE Observers, dear colleagues,  

We hope you are well.  

We are glad to announce that FOREST EUROPE lead country, Germany, officially shared the invitation to the 9th FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference entitled “Shaping our future with resilient forests” to be held on the 1st and 2nd of October 2024 in Königswinter, Bonn (Germany) with your Director or CEO see copy attached.

Please find the preliminary agenda attached.

As announced in the invitation letter, we are happy to share with you additional information. 

The event will provide your Director or CEO the unique opportunity to share your experiences in enhancing Sustainable Forest Management (SFM), adapting forests to climate change, and strengthening transboundary cooperation with a broad European audience and with observers even from beyond Europe. During the conference, four plenary sessions will enclose the main discussions, and the Ministerial Documents signature will conclude the event, shaping the future direction of our process. 

An excursion to the nearby forest will take place in the afternoon of the second day. We will organise buses after the excursion ends (17:00 CEST) for you to reach the nearby airports (Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf or Frankfurt) or Bonn train station, therefore, kindly plan your/your delegation trip accordingly. Please specify your attendance at the excursion in the registration form (see details below). 

Each observer of the FOREST EUROPE (FE) process can have one representative. To register, please enter the password FEobservers at this Eventbrite link: https://9mcobservers.eventbrite.fi if you are representing an FE observer organization by June 15th , 2024. 

While filling out the registration, you will recognize that you can add further information at a later stage to your travel agenda if it is not available before the deadline. 

We intend to make the Conference livelier and more politically relevant for all attendees. Therefore, please find more information about the modalities for your Director, or CEO to deliver a statement are elaborated in “Annex 1: Rules of Procedure”. “Annex 2: Conference location and accommodation in Bonn” supports your delegation in selecting an accommodation and moving around Bonn. Please access the documents here Observers

The official website of the 9th FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference has been launched! It will promptly update you with all the latest news about the event. Feel free to share it, and stay tuned for more info. 

For any further questions, you are welcome to send an email to LiaisonUnitBOnn@foresteurope.org 

We are looking forward to meeting you in Königswinter/Bonn in October.  

Best Regards,  

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